I am pleased to be receiving such heartwarming letters.
I will update this page as time allows.
My thanks to everyone.


I am the Director of a battered women's shelter in Mountain Home, AR.

Evelyn has been a great help to the women in our shelter, both as a volunteer in the shelter and a participant in our peer support group. Several of our women have read her book and reported that it was helpful to them. I personally have read her book also. "Totally Discombobulated" is a most appropriate title. Being a survivor myself, I very much identified with her words - the pain and suffering, the difficulty leaving because of fear and a sometimes misguided thought that it would be worse for our children if we left, and unsure of where to go or how to provide for the children. I know how painful it must have been for Evelyn, at first, to put down these words on paper, but also how much it must have helped to heal when she could finally purge this pain from her soul. I hope that this book will reach many battered women and lead them to seek their own help and healing.

Paula Marshall
Mountain Home, AR
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000

I have read E.F. Stew's Book Totally Discombobulated, and I have to say once I started the book, it was very hard to lay it down. I wanted to go on to the next page the next chapter, without even napping. I do know this lady. She has suffered so much in her life and yet came out on top. She tells her story in such a way that encourages ones today that are suffering from the same thing, and in her time, she did not have the shelters and the help we have today. She only had God to turn to. She did not even have the option of divorce. It was shunned against in her time. I recommend you buy this book and read it, whether you have suffered abuse or not. In reading this, and if you should ever come across someone that may need help, this will give you a touch of the kind of life these ladies have to go through. Evelyn's book is a wonderful, helpful, touching book, I feel she was led by the Grace of God to write.

Tutti Harris, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000

Hello Eve.
Loved your book, hard to put down. How you made it through all those years is truly a miracle. Now the work you are doing to help others that are abused, shows me that God does work in strange and mysterious ways. I highly recommend your book for others, I know that it will help others to see that they also can make it through anything that life hands to them. I give it four stars. Thanks , hope your next one out soon.

Brenham, Texas
Date: Sun 6 Feb 2000

I read Evelyn Stewart's book, "Totally Discombobulated." I thought it was very interesting and it shed a lot of light on her generation which is also my parent's generation. I loved the story told in her own words but my my heart was troubled. It was hard for me to understand why she would have stayed with such a sick man.
She made it clear why, but at the same time I kept thinking why didn't she make a break or tell someone ! I love true stories and this one kept my attention. I was able to follow the characters in this story and the account of her life was told very well.
The only thing that was difficult for me was the use of the English language. I understand it is written by a southern woman who never got to finish school and that is the language and grammer possibly used in that part of the country but it was hard to read as I was always corrected in my upbringing and using proper grammer was a must. Perhaps I was to critical or sensitive.
It made for a more interesting account I would have to say, but I think to someone who doesn't relate or know Evelyn it could be difficult to continue reading. I feel I have connected with "Evie" through our e-mails and chatting and it makes for a deeper meaning to who she is.
I applaud her work. I think with professional editing and proof reading it will be an excellent "best seller" someday. It would make a great drama on the screen as well.

Laurie - CA.
Date: Wed 9 Feb 2000

I too was a victim of abuse for 10 years. Brought up strictly by nuns as a child thought I had to endure the suffering. Later in life learned that it was not going to be my montra in life to be verbally abused. I am now married to a wonderful man who is kind thoughtful and loving. I do believe I saw you on one of the talk shows. Is that right? Your book sounds so very familiar to me.. I did write a poem once about abuse. Abuse takes many forms in life. I was moved by your words.
I am writing from my private e mail. Wanted to include the poem to you, if you would like to use it on your site you have my permission. Bless your good works and your caring heart...
All the best to you always Francine
Date: 23 March 2000

Hello Evelyn,
Thank you for replying to me. As I said before my friend, when I looked at the gorgeous pages you have, I cried. I am so against Domestic Violence by any side, and I am also against child abuse.You're pages sincerely touched my heart, your pages are very special to me. It's great to know, there are more people who feel as I do.
I have a wonderful lady by the name of Sue. She is everything to me. I couldn't imagine my life without her in it.The percentage you spoke of is to high. Even 1 percent is to high. I always wished I could become a spokesperson of some kind, against this horrible and often times killer problem.
God bless your mom and dad, they sound like truly wonderful people. The world should have more like them in it. I said before I never hit a lady in my life, and that's true. I was married to a woman, who was a royal pain. But when we had fights, I always walked out to calm down. Then I came back, and we would talk about the problem. I never went to bed angry.
I will sincerely look forward to you're next webpage, my friend. I would sincerely love to keep in touch with you. It would be a sincere honor to link with you. You're webmaster may do what he or she must do. It will be a real honor to link you're page to mine, I will put your page at the very top of the links section, in "Charlie's Life".
I also wanna ask Missing and Exploited children, for permission to link their page onto mine. God bless you as well Evelyn, for putting this fantastic webpage online. I hope I will hear from you very soon.
Sincerely, Charlie
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2001

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