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Formed through the bonds of friendship and love.
We join together in the commitment to each other and
Womyn all over the world

In the pursuit of Wisdom and Individual empowerment.
Standing together in a celebration of Womynhood.
Pledging our trust, understanding, respect, wisdom and support in
A theologically safe environment.

That all womyn are empowered with a wholeness to pursue the freedom
Of their expression and talents.
We join together in honesty to share a vision of
Empathy toward each other that each of us is
Endowed as spiritually healing Womyn -
Womyn of Spirit.

With all Womyn uniting in one place
And for one cause,
We can make a difference for ourselves and
For the men of this world.
Let us show the strength that Womyn truly have.

The different stages a womyn goes through during
Her life gives her abilities to help others
In special ways and at different times.
We bring our wholeness together to help all those that need us.

A womyn's life runs in many stages,
for she is recognized for her achievements in all-
from young until she reaches her full calling in her elder years.
Through her womynhood she shall bring about
What we all strive for...
World peace and a more satisfying future for our children.

We shall endeavor to bring all religions
And theological beliefs to our group to share
And better understand one another better.
Not to judge or condemn but to gather all of
Our individual parts to make a unity of
World understanding.

By N.M. Graham
(c)copyright protected 1999

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