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In 1986 my son moved me from South Carolina to Scottsdale, Arizona
to be near him. Then in 1991 he moved to Arkansas.
In 1996 I came here in the beautiful Ozarks on lake Norfork to recup, I am still here.
Since I have been here I have gotten involved with a shelter
here for women & children of Domestic abuse.
The women & children take to me pretty quick.
I tell my friend Paula, the Director of Serenity house, it's the hat.
I try to meet with them as much as I can. Now that I have gotten through
so many years of living in fear, people tell me I am a fun person.
Actually for the first time in my life, I am the real me.

~ About the Author ~

Evelyn Fort Alewine Stewart


Born in Shulerville, S.C., on January 12, 1927
Evelyn was the twelfth of twelve children.
Higher education was rare during the great depression.
Times were hard and each family member, young and old alike,
labored to earn meager wages if they were to survive the hard times.
Ms. Stewart's father did the best he could under the circumstances.
By age thirteen, her formal education ended at the seventh grade and
she was sent away to toil in a cigar factory.

Ms. Stewart survived, hardened and earned a degree in life.
The story, "Totally Discombobulated", is her story
and one every person who has been a victim of abuse
or knows a victim of abuse should read!

Evelyn Fort Alewine Stewart

"Totally Discombobulated"

Is the true, and sometimes tragic, family drama
covering a period from 1940 through 1982.
The story vividly follows the life of our author as she courageously walks through
a seemingly unending cessation of spousal abuse, murder, incest and a legacy of turmoil.
Generation to generation, learned behavior is passed down through the family.
It becomes a way of life, the only possible way of life
unless the chains are fearlessly broken.

You can read a Sample of my book HERE

To receive a copy send a check or money order in the amount of
$26.95 (postage and handling included).
You will receive your autographed copy priority mail within 2 weeks.

Evelyn F. Stewart
P. O Box 264
Henderson ARK 72544

The story is more about my Husband and the abusive way he grew up. I tried to point out the on again off again personality that abusers have. Yes, there is a part about me, how I handled the situation.

It is not a poor me story. I did what I had to do at the time to survive, but I never felt sorry for myself. Once you read this you will understand why I believe that we are a product of our enviorment.
Good Luck and God bless each one that reads this.


The director of Serenity House in Mt Home AR. quote:
( "I hope to see a copy of this book in every safe house in America".)

A man in Texas:
"I will love you forever. You turned my life around, saved my marriage.
I didn't understand I was an abuser until I read your story".

I would like to honor those that have written me
Please see more letters

redrose redrose

I have made the front page of the local paper, "The Baxter Bulletin", in color not just once but twice.
Dec. 16th. 1998 I was on the mid-day news at KAIT-8 in Jonesboro Arkansas.
On August 25, 1999 I was given VIP treatment to New York to be on the Dr. Joy Browne Show.
Sept. 23, 1999 that show aired. (limos all the way there and back)

In November 1999 Jim Armstrong in Tampa Fla. the publisher of
"Military Retiree's News" wrote a half page article and published it in his magazine.
I heard from him e-mail a short time back--he said, That book of yours should be a movie.

Dec. 17th 1999 I was invited back to be on Kait-8 in behalf of the safe house in Jonesboro AR. again.
There were also a writings in the same paper about me to be appear once more.
The Radio 105.5 F.M. in Mt. Home AR. Broadcast my trip
to New York Many times, I was told when I got back, several broadcasts since then.

You see, people don't want to talk about Domestic violence.
Arkansas is now the only state that don't have state funding.
Almost 300 women have been killed in the state of Arkansas since1989.
There is a clothesline project where a tee shirt is made and
displayed for each of these women, different cities throughout the state.
In1998 (20) women were killed. These are the ones we know about, I haven't heard about 1999 yet.

So you see it is not getting any better. It is happening in every state, not just Arkansas.
These are mentally disturbed men, most had terrible childhoods.

Thank you Authors On Line authorsonline

Where information about my book can be found
Totally Discombobulated

For your strength, courage and the hope and inspiration you give to others
through your website and your writing.
Thanks again and God bless you.
Anna Marie : 4-10-00

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